If you have chosen a motor finance plan that suits your personal finance needs and circumstances, it is highly unlikely that anything will go wrong. Car dealers are trained to give information about motor finance. You can also talk to motor finance providers, banks and building societies. There are specific laws and regulations in place to give you confidence that you are getting an honest deal and to protect you if things go wrong.

To find out more about these laws, go to Legal Protection.

The FLA also operates its own Lending Code, which our members must follow. The code offers you further protection when you take out car finance.

In 2007, the FLA launched Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF). SAF aims to raise professional standards and knowledge in motor dealerships for the benefit of car buyers interested in taking out finance. Dealership staff are able to register for a free of charge competence test which assesses their knowledge on the finance products sold and the regulation that surrounds them. The test is retaken every 12 months to ensure knowledge remains up to date. In August 2009, the FLA extended SAF through the introduction of SAF Approved. SAF Approved extends individual SAF-certification to companies.